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What's on the car...

Supplier of Matrix Aluminum Strut Braces (F & R), Intake and Filter, Aluminum Pedal Set, Wire loom (yellow), Strobe Lights (in headlights & tail lights).

Offered Sponsor deal for seats, I will be taking advantage of this as soon as I'm able to.
Will be adding harnesses too.

Supplier of Intrax Sport Springs.

Supplier of Magstar Racing Ignition Wires (Custom set in Yellow)

The Racing Wire Sets are available direct from Wiretec in your choice of color...

Supplier of Kumho 712 tires in size 195/45/15 & wheel lock set...

Pep Boys

Supplier of 15x6.5 Primax 478 wheels...

Apex Motorsports of Tempe

Supplier of Tuner lugs and socket...

Scottsdale Muffler

Supplier of Dynomax 2" Turbo Exhaust Muffler & Stainless tip.
(good flow and a deep sound)...

Other featured Items:

200 Watt 4 channal AM/FM/CD 6 speaker stereo with 100 Watt Audiovox Sub-Amp and Sub-Box with dual 6" Subwoofers.

Tinted windows, Front-end Bra, & Security System.

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